Ing Ibrahim Abdulai Sawaneh




19th December, 2018


As a big data technological innovation emerges due to man’s continuous use of data, it has prompted an immediate attention that will provide necessary solutions to cope with the current trend of data usability. Universities and colleges process large datasets in trillions of bytes to the extent that the traditional filling system can no longer handle them. Having thousands of students’ dissertations to process will be huge problem using the traditional filling system that requires large physical storage space with lots of inconsistencies, when it comes to processing, analyzing and archiving records is a big challenge, especially checking for plagiarism. Therefore, this research is designed to eliminate the challenges posed by the traditional platform that incurs huge amount of money and time. The proposed scheme is known as “IAMTECH Dissertation Database Management Platform” which is currently in use at the testing stage as an effective solution for proper record keeping and retrieval with minimal cost. The system has proved effective and efficient as compared to the old system. New functionalities are required to be included in the new system in the near future as the need arises due to intensive advancement in the information and data usage


IAMTECH, Database Management Platform, Big Data


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